Web Design and Website Consulting Services

Our goal is to help small companies as well as large established businesses with their website solutions. We have a long experience with planning and making websites from start to finish, as well as helping our clients websites and web-related issues grow with their needs.

Most of our services are done off-site after meeting with our clients. We also have good connections with other companies and freelancers in case our customers require specialist work done such as animations, PR, very customized php-coding, graphics for print etc.

In other words: We offer a full website service from start to finish. Consulting - Planning - Development - Support - Maintenance - Marketing.

Getting your site working for you

Scenario 1:
Your average sale is under a few thousand euros. Your customers are interested in a specific product or service and know what they are looking for. This is where you want to show what you offer as clearly as possible highlighting either price/quality/service, catching their attention for a quick sale. We're more than happy to give you ideas on how to structure your page and navigation in order to get the best possible result.

Scenario 2:
Your average sale is substantial. You probably have a few big competitors who you need to beat getting your sale. This is where you need to stand out by having a good planned structure of your site + navigation including individual landing-pages targeting specific customers. The best way to do this is to get your marketing department/sales people and CEO/VP meet up with a website consultant and discuss your goal.

Especially in indirect sales it is important to make your website work with your other aspects of marketing so the different areas complement each other in the best way possible. Main areas of interest might be (depending on case) attracting new customers interest, include specific pages which can be referred to from sales division and increase further interest from customers, detailed pages/information online only visible to certain customers or customer groups after login etc.

On Time - On Budget - No Hassle

We value our reputation and long-term relationships at dmb design. This includes getting work done the way you want it. Fast and on budget without excuses.
We put in that extra bit of effort which makes all the difference in making sure we deliver the service and result expected, with a minimum effort and time consumption from our customers.

Service Areas

While clients worldwide are more than welcome to contact us and discuss work, it helps to meet up in person once in a while.
We're located in western Finland (Vaasa/korsholm) and regularly attend customers in the Helsinki area. We are also especially interested in clients located around Stockholm and Umeå.


For inquiries, please contact +358 50 382 3581 or send an email to daniel(a)dmbdesign.fi

Partner offers/Freelancers:
We're always interested in improving our services by working with the right people.
Feel you can offer a service or product which our clients could benefit from? Send us an email with the subject "website - partner"

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